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On Saturday, May 25, and Sunday, May 26, 2024, the Baptist Weekend Show will take place at Papendal. In celebration of our 40th anniversary, we are organizing an exhibition entirely focused on woodworking.

Spread across two spacious halls and an outdoor area, numerous brands specializing in woodworking tools and machinery will demonstrate their products. Training centers from across the country will be present to explain the intricacies of the craft. And more!

Some stands will host mini-workshops. Registration and payment for a mini-workshop can be arranged directly with the exhibitor on the day.

See the complete program below, or go directly to:



At these stands, demonstrations of tools and machines will be provided by representatives of various brands.

Record Power
By: Craig Heffren (UK) and Andrew Spacie (UK)

What: demonstration of stationary woodworking machines

By: Miroslav David (CZ) and Eduerd Mlej (CZ)

What: demonstration of stationary woodworking machines

By: Titus Kamphuis, Frans van Dijk and Dennis Mulder

What: demonstration of electric tool

By: Ralf Kehne (DE), Björn van Hilten and Saskia Pos

What: demonstration of electric tools


By: Leon Vrijdag and Suad Muhovic

What: demonstration of electric tools


By: Quinten Bauer, Stan de Muijnck and Freek Endtz

What: demonstration of milling, saw blades, and Suretorq bits


By: Felix Raimondi and Paul Wögerer-Moreau (AT) 

What: demonstration of Teknatool lathes and pillar drilling machines


By: Rob Koenekoop

What: demonstration of scroll saws and stationary sanding machines


By: Rob Koenekoop

What: demonstration of fine electrical tools


By: Clive Brooks (UK) and Joanne Dyson (UK)

What: demonstration of woodturning tools


By: Filip Stanek, Jan Marek and Ondrej Krejcik (CZ)

What: demonstration of chisels and other wood carving tools


By: Pascal Haase (DE), Tobias Haaf (DE) and Ben Boone

What: demonstration of chisels and other wood carving tools


By: Sabine Spohr (DE) and Justin Götz (DE)

What: demonstration of drilling tools


By: Pethra Sandin (SE)

What: presentation of workbenches


By: Tsuyoshi Nagasaki (JP)

What: demonstration of Japanese measuring tools


By: Yuka Komatsu (JP) and Shigetake Takami (JP)

What: demonstration of Japanese saws


By: Robert Bleeker and Maarten Sanders

What: demonstration of Japanese saws+ sawcompetition


By: Deneb Puchalski (US) and Curtis Turner (US)

What: demonstration of woodplanes and other hand tools


By: Ryan Saunders Woodworks (UK)

What: demonstration of hand tools, planes, clamps, etc.


By: Sébastien Ehnevid (SE)

What: demonstration of the Swedish wet grinding system


By: Waldemar Dorn (DE) and Miguel Camino (ES)

What: demonstration of wood joining tools and other accessories


By: Sabine Schex (DE)

What: demonstration of router lifts


By: Jonathan Baldwin (UK) en Alex Mathieson (UK)

What: demonstration of innovative tools, including workbenches, tool holders and StackTeck


By: Ian Slater (UK) and Vince McDonagh (UK)

What: demonstration of wood finishing products, including Danish Oil and other oils


By: Maick Schuuring, Anna Heida, Kaj Udinga and Fleur Hagedoorn

What: demonstration of wood finishing products, including hardwax oil, decorative wax, terrace oil, etc.


By: Koen Vanderbauwhede (BE)

What: demonstration of two-component wood repair putty


By: Marco Boot, Han Dorenbos and Thomas Viellevoije

What: demonstration of Skylt lacquer and Royl oil


By: Ton de Raaff en Jurgen Krebbekx

What: demonstration of diamond sharpening tools


By: René van Nus

What: demonstration of clamping tools

JSP logo

By: Arthur Tollenaar and Rob Beesen

What: demonstration of personal safety products


By: Mark Owen

What: demonstration of safety accessories for stationary machines

Stickbit logo

By: Hans Burgers and Geert Borkus

What: demonstration of magnetic bit holder for cordless screwdrivers


Arnhemse Fijnhouthandel

Course Centers

Various course centers and schools from the Netherlands will present demonstrations of different woodworking techniques, such as wood carving, woodturning, and furniture making.

De Schrijn

By: Erik Verkuil, Michel Sadon, Ronald Bruijn and Ralph Herbers

What: demonstration of furniture making, sharpening and honing, planing

Hout onder handen

By: Eisse van Hoving

What: demonstration of furniture making

Peter Peer

By: Peter Peer

What: demonstration of woodturning

Hout onder handen

By: Jan Willem Klaassen

What: demonstration of woodturning + mini workshops

Mathijs Heijkers meubelmaken

By: Mathijs Heijkers, Rinus Pennings, Jan van Dooren and Lisette Ouwersloot

What: demonstration of furniture making

Goed hout figuurzagerij

By: Judith van Wijk

What: demonstration of scroll sawing at the Hegner booth

Studio Mooibos

By: Hans and Mariëlle Wisselink

What: demonstration of turning wooden rings + mini workshops

Wood & Co Meubelmaken

By: Guido Seijmonsbergen, Marco Berghege and Etienne de Vries

What: demonstration of furniture making

Houterij de Specht

By: Jan van Harskamp

What: demonstration of wood carving

Beemsterschool voor meubelmaken

By: Frans Konijn and Sheila van Bezooijen 

What: demonstration of furniture making

Ambachtshuis Brabant

By: Karin Vos and Bart Moonen

What: demonstration of artisanal furniture making and Kumiko

Think Pink studio

By: Mascha Bossuyt

What: demonstration of pyrography with Razertip tools + mini workshops


By: Sjors van der Meer, Job Suijker and two course participant

What: (outdoor) demonstration of working with fresh wood.

Sandra Witteman

By: Sandra Witteman

What: (outdoor) demonstration of making fan-shaped birds.

Ambachtelijk Botenbouw Centrum

By: Frank Brouwer en cursisten

What: demonstration of boat making and wood steaming

Aventus Apeldoorn

By: Koen van Oort and Koen Theunissen

What: demonstration of woodworking and CNC

Hout en Meubileringscollege

By: Lodewijk van Zeevenhooven

What: demonstration of furniture making

Stichting Recap logo

By: Frank Tomassen and Ramon Kaspers

What: presentation of furniture making + demonstration of MarMan routerlift



These are true craftsmen in the field of woodworking, who will showcase their craftsmanship during the weekend show.

Daan Pyrografie

By: Daan

What: demonstration of pyrography (woodburning)

Simon Bow Company

By: Simon van der Heijden and Wiebe de Boer 

What: demonstration of making wooden bows

Willem BloemendaalGerard van Tuijl

By: Willem Bloemendaal and Gerard van Tuijl

What: demonstration of sculpture


By: Bart Lucassen

What: (outdoor) demonstration of machine woodworking with Arbortech, Manpa, and SaburrTooth tools

Andre Mutsaers

By: Andre Mutsaers

What: demonstration of acoustic guitar making



Kids Zone

The Kids Zone is the playground for our younger guests, focusing on learning through experience. Here, hands are allowed to get dirty. (Participation is only allowed under the supervision of an adult)

Think Pink studio

By: Mascha Bossuyt

What: pyrography with the Weller pyrography set + mini workshops

Otto Koedijk

By: Otto Koedijk

What: assembling wooden puzzles


By: Mariska de Vries

What: building with the Youth Workshop of Arnhem

Hout onder handen

By: Eisse van Hoving

What: free mini workshop: creating a wooden project


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