Lie-Nielsen Carcass Saw 'Crosscut' 14 ppi 355 x 60 mm

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  • Lie-Nielsen Carcass Saw 'Crosscut' 14 ppi 355 x 60 mm
  • Lie-Nielsen Carcass Saw 'Crosscut' 14 ppi 355 x 60 mm
  • Lie-Nielsen Carcass Saw 'Crosscut' 14 ppi 355 x 60 mm
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Product information

For a long time, there was little attention paid to the quality of saws in the West. Many people never had the chance to witness the qualities of a good saw. It's a shame because the difference with a lower-quality saw is astonishing. This classic crosscut saw, based on the Sheffield model from 1830, is a masterpiece in terms of beauty, functionality, and perfection in saw performance.

A brass back ensures the stability of the sawing. This limits the saw blade height to 60 mm, which is almost always sufficient for cutting precise joints. This dovetail saw has 14 points per inch (ppi), indicating the coarseness of the saw. A ppi of 14 (13 teeth per inch) provides a good balance between precision and cutting speed. You will be amazed at the result!


Manufacturer number: 1-SAW-CS (Carcass Saw with Cherry Handle)

Model: Carcass Saw
Suitable for: Crosscutting

Total length: 480 mm
Saw blade length: 355 mm
Saw blade height: 60 mm
Saw blade thickness: 0.5 mm

Teeth: 14 ppi (points per inch), 13 tpi (teeth per inch)

Handle: cherry wood

Extra information

The Lie-Nielsen tools sometimes seem almost like a legend. Probably because it is one of the first companies that started making planers and saws that appeal to craftsmen again in the last quarter of the last century. This is due to the chosen material, the fantastic finish and the wide choice. Take a look at the start of the brass reinforcing edge on a Lie-Nielsen saw. Sometimes perfection seems to exist after all!

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