Identifying Wood, Accurate Results With Simple Tools - R. Bruce Hoadley

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  • Identifying Wood, Accurate Results With Simple Tools - R. Bruce Hoadley
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Experts zijn eensgezind: door middel van Hoadley’s methode, een combinatie van procedures, identificeert u snel en nauwkeurig meer dan 180 hard-, zacht- en tropische houtsoorten met het blote oog, een vergrootglas of een eenvoudige microscoop!


Auteur: R. Bruce Hoadley
Taal: Engels
Afmetingen: Gebonden, 225x287mm

Pagina's: 223

Extra information

About Hoadley's first book, Understanding Wood: "Hoadley has done an excellent job of culling and pulling together in a practical way a vast amount of information about wood...." - Library Journal
"This book is for persons who wish to learn to work with wood and don't want to spend years of frustration on trial and error...." - Forest Products Journal
When craftsmen, antique dealers, government officials, laywers, museum conservators and others need wood identified, they turn to one of the leading experts in the field - R. Bruce Hoadley. Now Hoadley, a professor of wood science and technology at the University of Massachusetts, shares his expertise in this definitive book. With just naked eye and a hand lens or elementary microscope, you will be able to identify over 180 hardwoods, softwoods and tropical woods by following the straightforward techniques described in this book.
The secret to hoadley's approach is its flexibility. Hoadley does not follow a rigid "keying out" system commonly presented in most other wood-identification texts. Rather, he makes use of a combination of procedures that allow the most direct and accurate identification of a popular wood according to the particular situation. The result: Hoadley's methods work.  


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