Little Book of Pyrography - Lora S. Irish

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  • Little Book of Pyrography - Lora S. Irish
  • Little Book of Pyrography - Lora S. Irish
  • Little Book of Pyrography - Lora S. Irish
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Dit kleine hardcover boek is een leuke basisgids voor beginnende houtbranders. Het geeft informatie over alle basistechnieken die bij pyrografie aan bod komen. Inclusief 7 projecten die stap-voor-stap de kennis van pyrografietechnieken vergroten.

"Little Book of Pyrography makes it easy to learn the creative craft of woodburning! All that aspiring beginners need is this book and an inexpensive wood burning tool to start adorning wood, gourds, leather, paper and more with beautiful images and patterns. Legendary pyrography artist Lora S. Irish expands on the techniques and projects from her bestselling book Pyrography Basics-all of which are included here-and explores new ways to achieve lovely varieties of tone and texture. In this handsome hardcover gift edition, Lora provides a thorough introduction to basic tools, materials and techniques. Readers will learn how to set up a practice board to experiment with strokes and settings before moving on to working projects with confidence. Seven skill-building projects provide step-by-step exercises in using temperature, time, layering, and texturing to create artistic tonal values."


Auteur: Lora S. Irish
Taal: Engels
Afmetingen: hardcover, 145 x 178 mm
Pagina's: 157

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