Lie-Nielsen Model Maker's Block Plane #100

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  • Lie-Nielsen Model Maker's Block Plane #100
  • Lie-Nielsen Model Maker's Block Plane #100
  • Lie-Nielsen Model Maker's Block Plane #100
  • Lie-Nielsen Model Maker's Block Plane #100
  • Lie-Nielsen Model Maker's Block Plane #100
  • Lie-Nielsen Model Maker's Block Plane #100
  • Lie-Nielsen Model Maker's Block Plane #100
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Product information

This small plane is ideal for precise work. With a plane width of only 22 mm, you can work the wood very finely. This type of plane is the model maker's plane, and you can see that in its shape. It has a raised handle, allowing you to grip and use the small plane effectively.


Manufacturer Number: 1-100 (Model Maker's Block Plane)

Length: 90 mm
Plane Width: 22 mm
Body Material: ductile

Extra information

In 1981, Lie-Nielsen started the artisanal production of hand tools in Warren, Maine, United States. The goal was and is to manufacture top-quality tools and breathe new life into tools from bygone eras, tools that, despite proving their utility by their original manufacturers like Stanley and Record, were discontinued.

Lie-Nielsen did not limit itself to simply copying the old models; they were improved, refined, and made from very high-quality materials. Depending on the size of the plane, Ductile steel, known for its high fracture resistance, or manganese bronze, which is easy to work with, feels warm in the hand, does not rust, and has a substantial mass contributing to comfortable work, was chosen for the plane bodies. Special attention is given to the post-processing of the castings. It is crucial to eliminate all tensions arising from the cooling after casting before starting the finishing of the casting. For this purpose, the casting is heated to a very high temperature and then slowly cooled. This 24-hour process ensures that the finished plane remains flat forever!

Of course, the plane iron did not escape Lie-Nielsen's attention! In Lie-Nielsen planes, you will find irons that are much thicker than those of standard production planes. Moreover, these irons are cryogenically hardened: after being brought to very low temperatures, they are slowly warmed to room temperature. This guarantees lasting hardness and prolonged retention of the cutting edge. By the way, Lie-Nielsen also produces chisels for non-Lie-Nielsen planes, allowing those with a steel plane to benefit from the quality of Lie-Nielsen chisels!

The thickness of the iron and the enduring hardness (up to Rockwell 60-62, scraper irons Rockwell 55), not to mention the thoughtful attachment of the iron to the plane combined with precise depth adjustment, make working with a Lie-Nielsen plane a pleasure! Even planing end grain wood results in a perfectly smooth finish!

For a Lifetime
Anyone who sees a Lie-Nielsen plane immediately recognizes the top quality. Even those not familiar with tools! With a Lie-Nielsen plane, you are purchasing a tool for life. And for the lives of future generations!

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