Lie-Nielsen bench chisel 7/16″ - 11 mm

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  • Lie-Nielsen bench chisel 7/16″ - 11 mm
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Product information

The Lie-Nielsen bench chisel is based on the Stanley bench chisels. The 230 mm long bench chisel is made of A-2 steel that has been cryogenically hardened. The sides of the chisel are parallel and narrow, allowing for precise cutting even in tight spaces. The Lie-Nielsen bench chisel is ground at a 30° angle, but it should be adjusted based on the use and type of wood.

Regular honing of the chisel will keep it sharper for a longer time, reducing the frequency of sharpening.

Note! This model bench chisel traditionally comes with a detachable handle. In practice, this does not cause any inconvenience during use; often, it naturally becomes secure. Due to the potential for wood and metal to expand and contract, there is a risk of wood cracking in temperature variations if the handle is tightly attached to the metal. This is one of the reasons why this model historically features a detachable handle.


Manufacturer number: 1-C-B-7-16 (7/16" Bevel Edge Socket Chisel)

Width: 11 mm, 7/16"
Length: 230 mm

Chisel angle: 30º

Chisel material: A2 tool steel, hardened to Rockwell 60-62
Handle material: hornbeams

Extra information

In 1981, Lie-Nielsen began artisanal production of hand tools in Warren, Maine, United States. The goal was and still is to manufacture top-quality tools and breathe new life into tools from bygone eras. Tools that, despite proving their utility by their initial manufacturers like Stanley and Record, have been discontinued.

For a lifetime!
Anyone who sees a Lie-Nielsen plane immediately recognizes the top quality – even those who are not tool connoisseurs! With a Lie-Nielsen plane, you are investing in a tool for a lifetime. And for the lifetimes of future generations!

Watch the demonstration video:

Watch the demonstration video on sharpening the bench chisel:


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