Great Book of Celtic Patterns - Lora S. Irish

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  • Great Book of Celtic Patterns - Lora S. Irish
  • Great Book of Celtic Patterns - Lora S. Irish
  • Great Book of Celtic Patterns - Lora S. Irish
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Bij de Keltische kunst denkt u hoogstwaarschijnlijk aan ronde lijnen door elkaar. Dit boek behandelt het ontstaan van deze kunst en is een verzameling van ruim 200 patronen met deze lijnen. U zult begrijpen, het zijn meer dan alleen mooie vormen en lijnen!


Auteur: Lora S. Irish
Taal: Engels
Afmeting: Paperback, 216x279 mm
Pagina's: 189

Extra information

In Great Book of Celtic Patterns, nationally known artist and best-selling author Lora S. Irish introduces you to the influential art from known Celtic knot work and unravels the secrets to creating its intricate and beautiful designs.
With over 200 original patterns and easy-to-follow lessons that can be applied to a multitude of arts and crafts, you'll learn the basics of creating the knotted line and the simple twists and braids that form the basis of Celtic art. In no time, you'll be able to incorporate knot patterns and finials, such as animals, leaves, or scroll work, into an unlimited number of styles and layouts that can artistically stand alone or adorn any form of craft.
Great Book of Celtic Patterns is the essential guide for any artist of crafter seeking to create the historical beauty of celtic art.
Inside you'll find:
- the origins and history of Celtic art
- step-by-step instructions for creating twists, braids,a nd knotted lines
- easy methods for crafting your own layouts and knot patterns
- a guide to enhancing your work with color
- a gallery of the author's Celtic knot work


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